Best Humidifier for 1000 Square Feet

In this article, we would be telling you about the best humidifier for 1000 square feet. Humidifiers are electric devices that increase the moisture content ( humidity) of an enclosed by hitting water vapor. It is basically used for hot or dry environmental conditions and also during winter when the air inside the house is artificially heated.

Types of Humidifiers


Humidifiers usually come as portable or whole house humidifier. Just like the name implies portable humidifier usually for small to medium-sized spaces while the whole-house humidifier is used for the whole house.

The portable ones usually sit on tabletops, come inform of towers that rest on corners, or sit on caster wheels. The whole humidifier could come as a stand-alone humidifier attached via sink connections that could be connected to a furnace.


There are basically four types of humidifier technology. They differ based on the nature of the mist they produce and also based that on the technique through which they produce this moist air.

Cool Mist Humidifier

They are also called impellers and are the most common type of humidifier, they are known for the cool most they supply in the form of cold water droplets. They are made up of a reservoir and a rotating disc that breaks water droplets supplied by the reservoir turning the droplets into a cool fine mist. This type of humidifier is usually quiet and easy to use.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

They also produce cool fine most but through an ultrasonic vibration technology.. These are the most silent type of humidifier. Ultrasonic vibration technology is composed of two ceramic or metal plates vibrating at a high frequency that converts large water droplets into ultra-small droplets.

Evaporative Humidifier

These are also called a wick humidifier. They do not have a spinning disc or heating element but instead, they have a faltering wick. They basically, just take in the air using an internal fan after which the air is passed through a filtering wick that is already saturated with water. Therefore pushing humid air out to the environment.

Warm Mist Humidifier or Steam Vaporizer

This kind of humidifier heats up the room a little and is great for cold winter weather.  The system, in this case, is made up of a heating element that heats the water in the tank until it reaches the boiling point. Once boiled, it vaporizes into the air producing a rush of warm moist air.

This kind of humidifier could also have good health implications. It could be used to deliver drugs to the elderly by putting the medicament in the filter.


In choosing the best kind of humidifier for your space, certain important factors have to be considered so as to enjoy the maximum benefits of your humidifier. For instance, the best humidifier for 1000 Square feet would not be the best for a less than 400 Square feet room.

These factors to be considered influences the choice and performance of your humidifier. There are many factors to consider in choosing a humidifier but the most important of them all is the size of the room you wish to humidity.

According to standard measurements, a small room measures less than 400 Square feet, a medium-sized room measures between 400 to 1000 square feet while a large room measures above 1000 Square feet. Most manufactured list the size of the room the humidifier product is meant for and sometimes the amount of moisture the humidifier is to add to the air.

For a small room, a portable humidifier which is compact and can rest on a tabletop is used. This way, the maximum required humidity (40-60%) is achieved, and over humidity avoided. Most portable humidifiers operate via the ultrasonic humidifying technology.

For medium-sized rooms like your bedroom, the best kind of humidifier is the portable humidifier that rests on the caster wheel or is tower sized. However, most tower styled humidifiers have a maximum humidifying capacity of 1200 Square feet.

The best humidifier for  1000 Square feet is a portable humidifier that rest on the floor or on a crest wheel like the Vornado Evap 40 Evaporative humidifier.

Vornado Evap 40 Evaporative humidifier review

The Evap 40 operates using the evaporative humidifier technology and has the capacity that suits a medium-sized room. It has its reservoir capacity up to four gallons with up to four gallons per day capacity. It also comes with a five-year warranty and was designed for easy cleaning. It has two filters to help keep your room safe from contaminants and humid.

The humidity load requirement is also known as the gallon per day required to maintain 35% moisture in a specified space. For a medium-sized room that has an average tightness, the humidity requirement would be between 1.5 to 4.5 gallons per day according to AHRI guidelines.

It may be difficult to get the exact size or volume of your room, in this case, an estimation can be made as long as it is not too far from the actual value. You might also not find a humidifier that fits the size of your room perfectly, an estimated value can be used.

To obtain the maximum result from a humidifier, it is very imported you size the room or space first before selecting a humidifier. The size of your room should tally with the maximum capacity as provided by the manufacturers on the label.

Conclusion on the Best humidifier for 1000 square feet

The best humidifier for 1000 Square feet space is the humidifier that is able to maintain the required relative humidity of room irrespective of the activities going on in the room or weather conditions. So far, the Vornado Evap 40 humidifier has been able to meet up with these criteria using its four-gallon capacity reservoir.

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